Transportation is fundamental to any logistics. Parnami Logistics India Pvt Ltd. offers a complete suite of transportation management services which can be tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs. We specialize in diversified Goods movement; and transport all sorts of products from highly perishable products like Butter, Milk to Highly inflammable products like Oil and Diesel We have a fleet of 150 trucks, associate transporters, and temperature controlled vehicles tailored to meet our client’s specific needs, ensuring the quality and safety of our customer’s products.

Shorter transit times, lower delivery costs, order traceability, and service reliability are competitive differentiators that Parnami Logistics helps its customers realize. We offer a full range of cost-effective transportation services, including expedited services, shipment management, multi-vendor parcel booking transportation, and Local Door to door delivery.

The volume of freight we control throughout the supply chain gives us leverage to negotiate better rates, improve carrier availability and equipment utilization, employ superior equipment, and deliver more efficient service.

We have the experience, skills, and resources to help you identify opportunities for service improvements and cost savings.

“We are on the driving seat, managing your products from point of origin, until final destination.”