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One of the most important elements of Supply Chain Management is Warehousing, We Understand Well. Under Flagship of ADARSH MARKETING, the group has been providing value added services to our esteemed clients, includes MNCs and leading Indian companies.


The dedicated and well trained staff at Adarsh Marketing ensures that all clients get on time and intact deliveries. The staff members are also given regular training and seminars to teach them the latest skills and practices prevalent in the market. All the warehouses of the company are designed with the client requirements in mind with easy access to local transport area and smooth loading/unloading and storage. The company also conducts self auditing to take care of GMP warehousing, distribution and general maintenance. The regular reviews help the company in maintaining great standards of customers service to fulfill and exceed the expectations of their clients.

Adarsh Marketing provides integrated warehousing and transportation management systems with product visibility at every point, such as pick-up, receipt, inventory status, to picking, loading, shipping and the ultimate delivery.

We offer flexible space at a variable cost which can expand or contract based on your exact business needs. We strongly adhere to Contract warehousing. It is a perfect solution for companies, looking for a customized distribution program with dedicated facilities and strategically positioned warehouses for optimal service.

Flawless management of your inventory is our top priority. With regular cycle counts and best in class processes, Adarsh Marketing provides reliable inventory management solutions.

Adarsh Marketing offers value-added services to enhance client's warehousing and transportation programs including: kitting and final assembling, labeling, poly bagging and pick/pack services.

We have a proven track record providing the utmost in inventory accuracy.We carry out cycle counts at every warehouse periodically. Adarsh Marketing's best-in-class approach to inventory management ensures a quantifiable inventory accuracy of 100%.

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